Longruner Low temperature cooker Sous Vide Vacuum cooker Wat

Longruner Low temperature cooker Sous Vide Vacuum cooker Wat

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  • This precision Sous Vide vacuum cooker is the perfect kitchen utensil for hand cooking different kinds of food. It brings home the professional restaurant cooking techniques: Michelin restaurant-quality, no fuss, no noise, no cooking required. Everyone cooks like a pro.
  • Our vacuum cooker machines are simple and focus on the core functionality of the low temperature cooker itself. It's not complicated, you don't have to fight the internet and you save money. Simply put the sealed food in a vacuum cooker. After setting the time and temperature, you can leave the kitchen!
  • Immersion circulators can help maintain the freshness of foods, nutrients and juices and provide a delicious taste. The digital control panel makes the temperature accurate to 0.1 ° C and takes a few minutes. A wide range of temperature settings 0-99.5 ° C (0-211.1 ° F) and time settings (0-99.9hours) will satisfy many types of cooking.
  • The Sous Vide vacuum cooker has overheat, low water level protection and light indicator functions to help you cook safely.

Why do you need low temperature cooking
"Low temperature cooking" involves two types of proteins, myosin and actin.
Degeneration of myosin is the source of deliciousness. However, the degeneration of actin causes dryness.
In other words, by carefully heating before and after the myosin and actin denaturation temperature range, you can make "juicy and delicious" meat that retains its moisture and taste!
Advantages of low temperature cooking
We can cook ingredients deliciously
Since the ingredients are cooked and seasoned in a vacuum, the flavor and umami of the ingredients can be retained.
Reduces nutrient loss
Traditional high temperature cooking can lead to nutrient loss. Low temperature cooking significantly reduces the loss of nutrients in the ingredients themselves.
Cook safely
By putting it in a vacuum pack, the time it takes for food to come in contact with the air will be shortened.
It suppresses the oxidation of ingredients and avoids the risk of secondary pollution.
Usage procedure
1. Place the food in a vacuum pack and apply a vacuum using a vacuum packing machine.
2. Secure the slow cooker in the container and set the temperature and time.
3. When the water temperature reaches the specified temperature, put a vacuum bag (with food) for cooking in the water.
4. After cooking, process the ingredients according to your personal preference, such as grilling.

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